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Reporting Post-Completion Wages of SUNY Graduates - AIRPO.PDFMember 1f9f6ae728.31KbJul 6th, 2018
Reducing Bias in Evaluation of Student Outcomes in Remedial Courses Usin....pdfMember 1f9f6ae712.92KbJul 6th, 2018
AIRPO Presentation 06-15-18.pdfMember 1f9f6ae2.3MbJul 6th, 2018
Conference Program 2018 FINAL.pdfMember 1f9f2cd359.89KbJun 7th, 2018
AIRPO2018-ConferenceProgramsDetailsPre-FinalDraft.pdfMember 1f9f6ae518.08KbJun 6th, 2018
Conference Program 2018 FINAL.pdfMember 1f9f6ae359.52KbJun 6th, 2018
AIRPO 2018 - Preliminary Program v2.pdfMember 1f9f2cd252.72KbMar 2nd, 2018
campus labs logo.pngMember 1f9f2cd34.81KbFeb 27th, 2018
Campus Labs-1.pngMember 1f9f2cd37.53KbFeb 27th, 2018
AIRPO_Bylaws.docxLucille Walker21.88KbFeb 26th, 2018
2017_07_10_Meeting_Minutes.docxMember 1fdaf3713.58KbJul 11th, 2017
2017_07_10_Agenda.docxMember 1fdaf3772.82KbJul 10th, 2017
System Updates 2017.pdfMember 1f9f6ae1.7MbJun 19th, 2017
AIRPO2017-Mining Academic Analytics_16x9.pdfMember 1f9f6ae1.25MbJun 13th, 2017
AIRPO2017-Using Microsoft PowerBI and Rapid Insight for Reporting and Analytics.pdfMember 1f9f6ae1.43MbJun 13th, 2017
AIRPO 2015 Conference Evaluation results.pdfLucille Walker64.87KbJun 12th, 2017
2017_06_08_SIRIS Advisory Group Meeting Minutes.docxMember 1fdaf3763.99KbJun 9th, 2017
AIRPO 2017 - Conference Agenda Outline V2.xlsxMember 1f9f6ae14.24KbJun 5th, 2017
AIRPO2017-ConferenceProgramsDetails.v2.docxMember 1f9f6ae73.3KbJun 5th, 2017
AIRPO Conference Committee Meeting Notes 5-23-2017 .docxa GroupSpaces user20.78KbJun 2nd, 2017
AIRPO Conference Committee Meeting Notes 4-25-2017 .docxa GroupSpaces user21.25KbMay 18th, 2017
AIRPO Conference Committee Agenda 20170523.docxa GroupSpaces user13.58KbMay 18th, 2017
Appendix AB - Criteria for Approved Applied Learning Activities (1).docx13.67KbMay 1st, 2017
Appendix_K_Admissions_April 2017.xlsx22.4KbMay 1st, 2017
Appendix_T_FA_April2017.xlsx18.97KbMay 1st, 2017
SAB Agenda 05012017.docx13.78KbMay 1st, 2017
Updates to SIRIS Submissions April 27 2017.docx48.13KbMay 1st, 2017
Civitas.pngMember 1f9f2cd14.82KbApr 28th, 2017
AIRPO 2017 - Preliminary Program_v5.xlsxMember 1f9f6ae12.39KbApr 25th, 2017
AIRPO Conference Committee Meeting Notes 3-23-2017 .docxa GroupSpaces user21.7KbApr 18th, 2017
AIRPO Conference Committee Meeting Notes 3-23-2017 .docxa GroupSpaces user21.7KbApr 18th, 2017
SUNYflyer.pdfMember 20c1877109.37KbMar 27th, 2017
AIRPO Call for Nominations 2017.docxCarol Marriott22.7KbMar 3rd, 2017
AIRPO Conference Committee Agenda 20170216.docx13.71KbFeb 15th, 2017
SIRIS Advisory Board 11-7-16.docxMember 1fdafcc17.24KbNov 22nd, 2016
AIRPO-Annual-Conference-2016-Program.pdfMember 1f9f6ae635.75KbSep 20th, 2016
airpo-conference-2016june.zipMember 1f9f6ae17.63MbSep 20th, 2016
AIRPO_P_AND_P_Current.docMember 1f9f6ae214.5KbSep 20th, 2016

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